Why Wilderness Safaris?

At Wilderness Safaris, we create journeys, not holidays. A journey is an immersive experience, changing how you view the wild places of Africa and the world.

  • 30 years of experience

    Our dedicated team with 30 years’ experience of designing perfect safaris works with your travel agent to design a journey that suits your budget and bucket list.
  • Exclusive access to Africa’s best wildlife areas

    Our private concessions in Africa’s best wildlife areas offer seclusion, comfort, privacy and space, far exceeding experiences in public access national parks.
  • Diverse places and wildlife

    Our areas cover many habitats, thus allowing for incredibly diverse and all-round experiences, whether in the savannah, the rainforest, the desert or the ocean.
  • Tailor-made services

    We offer complete, tailor-made services throughout southern Africa including logistics, sightseeing and accommodation both in our camps and third party properties.
  • Our own airline and tours and transfers

    We operate our own bush airline, Wilderness Air, as well as a tours and transfers business, Wilderness Touring, creating a seamless journey and complete itinerary.
  • Range of accommodation

    Whether travelling as a couple, a family or on your own and to satisfy individual needs, our properties range from high-end luxury to more affordable options.