Why we do, what we do

We exist to protect pristine wilderness areas and the flora and fauna that they support. We believe that in protecting these areas, and including the local communities in this process, we will make a difference to Africa and ultimately the world.

Our goal is to share these wild areas with guests from all over the world, while at the same time helping to ensure the future protection of Africa’s spectacular wildlife heritage and sharing the benefits of tourism with local communities.

As a conservation organisation and a responsible ecotourism operator Wilderness Safaris believes fully in its vision of the 4Cs – Commerce, Conservation, Community and Culture – as contributing meaningfully to the wildlife and the people of Africa.

  • Commerce

    Commerce deals with our ecotourism offerings, and is perhaps the most critical element to sustainability in the modern world. We can only make a difference in Africa if we are doing well.
  • Conservation

    Conservation is divided into Environmental Management Systems i.e., building and managing our camps in the most eco-friendly way possible, and Biodiversity Conservation, that is, the understanding, management and protection of the wildlife and ecosystems with which we are involved
  • Community

    Community is all about the people at the heart of our business: Internal Community, which is our staff across all our regions, and External Community – comprising the rural communities that either own the land on which we operate or live adjacent to these areas.
  • Culture

    Culture is a multifaceted element that governs respect for the culture of all our employees as well as the remote rural communities surrounding the conservation areas in which we operate.