Rwanda, a tiny landlocked country in central Africa, is characterised by undulating hilly and mountainous terrain and is known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills.” In the centre of the Albertine Rift, it is thus one of Africa’s most biodiverse regions, a haven of rainforest endemism with its most celebrated wild mammal being the iconic mountain gorilla of the Virunga Mountains.
A densely-populated country with a predominantly rural population, Rwanda is known for its traumatic history in the form of the 1994 genocide, as well as for its courageous recovery to become a stable, well-run and united country. Such optimistic energy has earned the country the epithet “Remarkable Rwanda” and a fast-growing number of curious tourists and fans..
Things to look forward to in Rwanda:
  • Tracking mountain gorillas, and encounters with habituated groups
  • Visiting the moving Kigali Genocide Memorial
  • Exploring the natural splendour of untouched rainforest
  • Seeing Lake Kivu, one of Africa’s great lakes

Why Rwanda?

  • First time to Africa

    Rwanda’s unique natural heritage, amazing diversity and endemism, is conserved in a suite of national parks – including Volcanoes, Akagera, and Nyungwe National Parks. rwanda-why-01
  • Travelled to Africa

    The legendary Virunga Mountains are home to volcanoes, swathes of rainforest and half the world’s total population of Endangered mountain gorillas. rwanda-why-02
  • Seasoned Traveller

    Pioneering ecotourism projects by Wilderness Safaris and its partners play a critical role in the conservation of the remaining islands of central African rainforest biodiversity. rwanda-why-03

Rwanda Camps

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