Situated in the centre of southern Africa, Botswana lies at about 950 metres above sea level and more than 600 kilometres from the nearest coast. The country’s most striking features are its flatness and aridity. With the exception of the eastern part of Botswana – where the great majority of Batswana live and where the summer rainfall is slightly higher – three-quarters of Botswana is technically a desert. This is what makes for its most remarkable aspect: The Okavango Delta is a wetland within a desert, receiving its waters from rain falling in central Africa, a thousand kilometres away. Wildlife and tourism employs about 45% of all the people who live in northern Botswana.

Things to look forward to in Botswana:
  • Exploring a blue-green wetland by mokoro (traditional canoe) or boat
  • Seeing wildlife big and small on game drives on open Land Rovers
  • Walking ancient paths with a guide (on request)
  • Taking in spectacular views and landscapes

Why Botswana?

  • First time to Africa

    Natural riches, a low human population density, a visionary government and the highest GDP per capita on the African continent have combined to make Botswana perhaps the most rewarding country in Africa in which to experience a big game safari.

  • Travelled to Africa

    Over 40% of the country has been set aside for wildlife, from the large mammals to water-loving specialties, to incredible birds.

  • Seasoned Traveller

    The importance of visitors and tourism to the sustainability of these areas cannot be overstated: Wildlife and tourism employs some 45% of all the people who live in northern Botswana.